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CECE works with colleges and universities to cultivate culturally engaging campus environments where diverse students thrive

The overarching aim of the CECE Project is to create and utilize tools to assist postsecondary institutions in their efforts to examine, understand, and improve their campus environments and maximize success among diverse student populations. The CECE Project moves beyond typical climate assessments that tend to focus on challenges in the environment. Instead, the CECE Project focuses on the types of environments that engage and support college students from all backgrounds.

Pillars of the CECE Project

  • Vision

    Cultivate a shared vision of what campuses must put in place to be inclusive and equitable.

  • Equity

    Foster environments that engage and reflect the diverse backgrounds and identities of all students.

  • Inquiry

    Utilize culturally relevant and responsive research and assessment practices to inform inclusion and equity efforts.

  • Transformation

    Engage in holistic long-term efforts to transform campus policies, programs, practices, pedagogy, curricula, and activities.

The CECE Team

Sam Museus

Dr. Sam Museus

Project Director
Ting-Han Chan

Ting-Han Chang

Assistant Director of Research and Assessment
Natasha Saelua

Natasha Saelua

Assistant Director of Operations
Matt McSpiritt

Matt McSpiritt

Assistant Director of Technology

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