Current Research Projects

The Culturally Relevant Education and Pedagogy (CREP) Study:

This study focuses on understanding the experiences of faculty members from diverse disciplines across the nation who engage culturally relevant practices in their pedagogy. Specifically, the investigation seeks to understand the various conditions that led them to utilize culturally relevant teaching practices, barriers that they encounter in doing so, and ways that institutions can support them in overcoming such barriers.

The How Asian American Native American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions Promote Success (HAPS) Study:

This collective case study focuses on examining how Asian American Native American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs) are cultivating more culturally engaging campus environments. It includes a collective case study analysis of 5 AANAPISI Programs to document the ways in which they are fostering the types of campus environments that allow diverse populations to thrive.

The Generations Study:

This inquiry is aimed at understanding the impact of culturally engaging campus environments first-generation colleges students’ motivation, self-efficacy, belonging, satisfaction, and success. It also seeks to examine differences in the influence of culturally engaging campus environments on outcomes between first-generation and non-first-generation undergraduates.

 Publications on the Origins and Utility of
the CECE Model

Conference papers and publications that focus on explaining the need for the CECE Model and Survey and describing how these CECE tools emerged.

Publications on the Validity of the CECE Scale

Papers that include analyses of the construct validity of the CECE Scale and Indicators. They shed light on whether the CECE Scale is a viable tool for measuring campus environments and their impact on college outcomes.

CECE in the Books

Books that mention that CECE Model or discuss the transformation of college campuses to create more inclusive and equitable institutions.

CECE in the Media

Relevant Papers and Publications

Conference papers and publications that provide in-depth information about various CECE indicators, and many of them informed the development of the CECE Model.

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